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Virtual pets had their first boom at the beginning of the nineties thanks to the Tamagotchi and since then they have appeared in various formats and supports to entertain people allowing them to forget about the nuisance of having a real-life pet. Something that you'll now be able to enjoy thanks to Flappie. Your amphibious pet According to its developers 'Flappers' are a breed of amphibious creatures that live in the ponds which can be found at the bottom of the Tibet mountains. And now it will be up to you to look after one of these small creatures on your computer desktop. You'll have to pay special attention to its needs feeding it playing with it or putting it to sleep depending on the circumstances. Because this will have a direct impact on the fact that your creature grows and evolves to become a large creature. You also have to pay special attention to the weather and to the time of the day because both factors can also have a direct impact on your Flapper's development. Download Flappie for free to have a good time looking after a small virtual pet.

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