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Pokemon Online is an entertaining Pokémon battle simulator which allows you to create your own team train it and face other users over the Internet. Face other users in Pokemon Online Before going online to fight you have to create your own Pokémon team. Choose your name as a trainer and take advantage of the six slots which you have to model your Pokémon team. You will be able to select different qualities for each Pokémon: health points attack special attacks defence special defence and speed. Furthermore choose a 'hidden power'. The Pokémon battle simulator for Mac. When you are ready for the battle connect to the Pokemon Online server of your choice chat with the rest of players and search for a battle to prove who is the best Pokémon trainer. Features of Pokemon Online Create your own Pokémon from scratch. Advanced search for Pokémon. Possibility to edit a Pokémon just double click its image. Visualization of the active battles. Support to store a combat registry. Take part in the Pokémon battle improve your team and defeat your opponents.

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