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When a website is visited a trail is left behind based on the IP data of the computer used this data is later used by the visited website to offer customised publicity or to restrict the access to certain data among others. To be able to avoid this you can use programs such as NetShade. Where do you want to connect from? NetShade uses proxy servers in several locations worldwide to hide the real place from where you are connecting your computer to the Internet. Thus they won't leave any trail when you connect to a website. Another advantage of using NetShade is the possibility to connect to contents that are restricted to certain countries like the American online television service Hulu or any British radio or TV service that are only accessible within Great Britain. This tool can also by very useful to be able to communicate with the exterior from those countries in which it's restricted to access foreign contents as happens in China for example. Download NetShade to connect to the Internet without leaving a trail.

NetShade For Mac Download

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