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If you are the owner of a Kindle eBook reader this programme is for you. Send to Kindle allows you to send all kinds of files and documents to the reader very easily from your Mac. In just a couple of steps you will be able to transfer your documents to your Kindle device. Reading your personal documents on you Kindle had never been so easy. Features Send documents from your Mac to your Kindle device in Kindle or PDF format. Includes the Drag & Drop function to transfer documents: drag the file to the application's icon on the dock or open the interface to do so. Send the files from any application that includes the 'Print' function or the Mac OS 'Finder'. Create your own Kindle library and download the documents whenever you want. Easily transfer documents to your Kindle Once installed Send to Kindle places an icon on the dock to be able to access the application. You will be able to complete a registry and to have your Kindle device registered. From that moment onwards you will only have to select the documents the method you want to use to send the data (there is a free version via Wi-Fi and a second pay-to-use method) and send the files. Download Send to Kindle free to send documents to your Kindle from your Mac.

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