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One of the most important virtual networks in the world is Second Life where we'll be able to meet thousands of people that have also created their avatar and are living a second virtual life. In Second Life we will be able to do almost anything from simply walking around and meeting people to exchanging objects buying and selling properties or finding true love. Any action is implemented in this virtual world that recreates the real world with quite a lot of accuracy. A virtual world in 3D Second Life isn't a game it is a life simulator in which we will be able to find social cultural and economic events just as we would in the real world. Thus it is common to be able to go to concerts (even of real groups) political meetings or art exhibitions. Live a new virtual life. As soon as we access the Second Life universe we will have to create an avatar that will be totally customizable thanks to the thousands of objects that we will have available. Once we have created the avatar we will have to choose where we want to start and we will be able to communicate with other users.

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