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When you install an application on your Mac computer all kinds of files are distributed all over the system and in the case that you uninstall the application many of them aren't eliminated and occupy space on your hard drive without any need to do so. iTrash is an uninstaller that will take care of using its special search algorithm to locate these files and get rid of them. Features “Ghost” mode. iTrash works in the background you only have to throw something into the bin to activate the program. Drag and drop files on the applications main window to view the rest of hidden files. Uses the “Levenshtein Distance” search algorithm to increase the possibilities to find files. Check the activity log. Show all the applications installed on any volume: panels widgets etc... Uninstall applications and files that are related in one sweep In theory uninstalling programs from a Mac computer is very easy but it is common for various files to be disseminated over the system. With iTrash this will no longer happen. Each time that you drag an application to its interface or to the bin to eliminate it you will be able to see all the files that are related with it so that you can also eliminate them. Don't leave a single trace of the program. Download iTrash free a brilliant application uninstaller for Mac that guarantees the complete elimination of the software and all its components.

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