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iTunes stores all the music following a pattern that was pre-established by the Cupertino company and there are some users that would like to keep on using iTunes but with the possibility to store the music in the folder of their own choice. This is now possible thanks to MoveTunes. One of the first things that you have to take into account about MoveTunes is that it allows you to move or copy the music without risk of losing any of the rating data the played count BPM or the playlists that they are part of. Amongst the program's features it is also worth highlighting that it organizes the files in the new folder just as iTunes would and that it automatically eliminates any folder that is left empty after moving the music. MoveTunes also takes care of moving the files that aren't audio between one folder and the other so that no song or album ends up without its corresponding cover image. Likewise MoveTunes can be configured so that the music stays linked with iTunes once moved or on the contrary to unlink all of it. Therefore if you want to move music that you have stored on iTunes you only have to download MoveTunes.

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