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To be able to enjoy their favorite music Mac users usually have to resort to iTunes but there are moments in which it can work out to be a rather heavy program and with too many elements. Thus if you want to enjoy your music without having any need to access videos eBooks or an online shop you can use Swinsian. This program has a simple interface that is elegant at the same and that integrates perfectly into the system. Swinsian allows you to see all data about the songs in a clear fashion and it allows you to add or edit tags on each of them. Main Features Very lightweight. Supports multiple sound formats MP3 M4A/AAC WMA Ogg Vorbis FLAC WAV AC3 APE and AIFF. Keeps track of the folders to add new music automatically. Imports playlists from iTunes. Integrates its own library to catalog the music. Offers you the possibility to export music to the classic iPod and iPhone models (iOS 3). Therefore if you want to enjoy your favorite music without complications and without having to resort to iTunes download Swinsian.

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