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That YouTube is the perfect place to watch videos hasn't been argued by anyone yet but have you never wanted to play these videos outside the website? Tubbler is an original tool that allows you to view the videos from YouTube outside the browser. A new way of watching content on YouTube Drag and drop the URLs or the images of your favorite videos on the Tubbler interface to play them outside the web whether on fullscreen on a second screen or in a floating window on your desktop while you work on other things. With Tubbler you can quickly create playlists with these videos. Modify their order dragging and dropping the videos in a new position. You will also have access to a set of hotkeys that will make this process quicker. The playback control window is a floating window at the bottom of the interface that has all the buttons necessary. You have three different playback modes: normal playback repeat and random mode. And if you don't use any of your videos they will be eliminated from your playlist automatically.

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