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You're surely familiar with this situation: you're writing a document and there's a failure because the application has decided to freeze. You haven't saved your work and you'll have to start all over again... Or you can make use of an editor of the likes of HxD Hex Editor. This hex editor is capable of modifying the contents of files as if it were a text editor. It can write data on the hard drive or on the RAM memory which means that if you're in the above-mentioned situation you can access it and recover the work that's still stored. In fact that's because it can write data on processes in the memory. Main features These are some of the functions that it's capable of carrying out: Write data on a hard drive or RAM memory on running processes. Search for and replace files. Function to carry out checksums. Insert byte patterns. Split and merge files. Check statistics. Multi-window support. Select blocks. Search and replacement function. Check files according to the charset: ANSI DOS/IBM-ASCII Macintosh or EBCDIC. Open the file in the hexadecimal decimal or octal system. All in all these actions can be more or less complicated depending on the level of knowledge of the user. The thing is that with this hex editor for PC we can keep things simple as everything is carried out on a user-friendly interface.

HxD Hex Editor For Windows Download

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