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Outlook is one the most complete professional tools because it offers us an excellent electronic mail manager a contact manager an organizer and a task manager in the same interface but since it was launched there is something that most users missed a project manager that allowed us to plan our projects and collaborative tasks integrating it totally with the information stored in Outlook. Manage all your emails from a very pleasant interface InLoox is a complement for Outlook that allows us to integrate a professional planer in Microsoft's mail manager thanks to which we will be able to keep track of all the steps that have to be fulfilled in a project while using our organizer and our contacts. The application allows us to create Gantt diagrams to prepare projects resource and investment management and control all the reports and documents that are related to said project. We will also be able to export all the information so that it can be viewed on Excel or Microsoft Project. If you want a tool to plan and control all your professional projects that also integrates perfectly with Outlook download InLoox now also available as a webapp from any browser and in mobile format through the corresponding Android and iOS apps.

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