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If you want to get hold of a browser that has been conceived with users in mind that's flexible and full of functions you have to try out Vivaldi. It's the browser used by Opera's ex-CEO and his friends. A web browser focused on users. A possible candidate to take part in the browser war Jon S. von Tetzschner co-founder of Opera in 1995 and now ex-CEO of the company is the person in charge of developing this browser based on Chromium the main target of which is to satisfy the user's needs. Even in the case of the most advanced users! For such purpose it includes a wide range of features many of which are inspired by Opera and many more are expected to come in the near future: Quick Commands: access the browser's settings open tabs history and other functions from keyboard shortcuts. Notes: organize how you browse using tags and notes. Speed Dial: make the most of the bookmark panel to access your favorite sites much quicker. Tab Stacks: allows you to group several related tabs under a single tab. With these functions and others that will arrive in the future Vivaldi is a candidate to take part in the battle being waged by browsers like Chrome Firefox or Internet Explorer although it still has a long way to go.

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