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With the expansion of the digital era books in digital format or eBooks are starting to gain their own space within literature and so as to avoid being left aside many authors have to resort to publishing their books in this format with the possibility to use Jutoh to do so. Create digital books very easily How Jutoh works is very clear allowing the user to indicate the documents where the contents of the book that he is working on can be found place it in order and divide it into the different chapters that will form the final book. Furthermore Jutoh allows the user to choose the cover that will be used for the book from a wide range of templates that are available or on the other hand to offer the user the possibility to edit a cover of his/her own liking with the tools that it includes. Another possibility offered by Jutoh as long as the necessary programmes are installed on the system is to be able to open the digital books from its interface once they have been compiled by the programme. Download Jutoh and edit your own digital books.

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