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USB memory sticks are a very practical storage system as they hardly occupy any space and they allow us to carry around any document with us. But they can also be used to always have a series of portable applications on us such as those included in PortableApps for instance to use them whenever we want without having to install them. Your selection of portable apps. PortableApps is a suite of applications made up by many very popular programs and that allows us to carry around on a pendrive our email and password manager an office suite and several games among many other things. This can be very practical if we have to use a PC that's not ours. Practical collection of portable programs Among the programs that you'll be able to install with PortableApps we can find: Firefox: the popular browser by the Mozilla foundation. Thunderbird: an email manager with support for add-ons. Sunbird: a complete organizer. OpenOffice: the renowned free office suite. Clamwin: a lightweight yet efficient antivirus. Sumatra PDF: a fast and simple PDF file reader. Pidgin: a multiprotocol messaging client. KeePass: a very complete password manager. Sudoku and Mines-Perfect: a couple of games to keep us entertained for a while. And many others. Equip your USB memory with a great collection of programs thanks to PortableApps.

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