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A virus an electrical failure or even an accidental deletion of our system's partition table can cause damage to our hard drives affecting the information that they contain. In these cases some of the files that we have stored can be irretrievable but in other cases it is possible to rescue part of the information if we use the proper tool like TestDisk. TestDisk is a free application designed to recover data from hard drives in which the boot sector has been damaged or partitions have been accidentally deleted. Rebuild the boot sector in just four steps Thus TestDisk is capable of reconstructing the Boot Sector of FAT12 FAT16 FAT32 and NTFS systems restoring partition tables recovering deleted files etc. To do so it follows the following steps: Step 1. Launch the application. Step 2. Select the storage device that you want to restore. Step 3. Indicate the kind of partition table: Intel EFI GPT Mac Sun Xbox... Step 4. Choose one of the options that the application offers depending on what you need. Furthermore together with TestDisk you'll find PhotoRec a tool that is specialized in recovering images from the memory cards of digital cameras even though it can also be used to recover videos documents and files from hard drives and CD-ROMs.

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