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The video game development studio Blizzard Entertainment was founded back in 1991 although it wasn't known by that name until 1994. During its first years it developed successful titles of the likes of The Lost Vikings and especially Warcraft. The latter has led to a profitable series of strategy games including StarCraft. The first game of this series appeared in 1998 soon becoming a great hit and now almost 20 years later there's a new remastered version. We're talking about StarCraft: Remastered that updates and overhauls the original game (which can now be downloaded for free). In fact we'll return to it and to one of its expansions the highly acclaimed StarCraft: Brood War as well as the old StarCraft Anthology. The real-time strategy and science fiction game of reference. What are the differences between the original and remastered version? Well although it maintains the basics such as the gameplay so that the user can revive the experience faithfully the graphics and the audio have been fully renovated. In other words the units structures and environments have been adapted to the graphical capacities of modern devices increasing the range of compatible resolutions. To make it even better intermissions have been added to the battles with actors that play the role of legendary characters such as Artanis Fenix Tassadar Raynor or Kerrigan. Graphics with more details. Mission reports with comic-type intermissions to speed up the narrative experience. New soundtrack and dialogs. Over 50 different missions to be completed. Choose your side: Terran Zerg or Protoss. Save games on the cloud. And although the original game is in freemium mode so you can download it for free whenever you want... who doesn't want to play the HD version?

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