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We need the appropriate tool to guarantee that our Internet access is safe and private. OpenVPN allows us to generate a virtual private network especially designed for this kind of task. This open-source software is mainly aimed at network admins as it isn't too easy to use. However if you've got enough knowledge it's safe and efficient. This VPN solution implements layer 2 and 3 connections uses the SSL/TLS industry standards to encrypt and comes along with all the features necessary for this kind of program. Main features Safety: the program allows us to protect our user access data our passwords and our bank details. This information becomes inaccessible if digital signatures are removed from our browser. Accessibility: it allows us to access webs and services meant only for a few specific countries and bypass other kinds of censorship by spoofing our IP and allowing us to access the server of our choice. Encryption: it uses an encryption algorithm with different encryption levels depending on the user's configuration. Confidentiality: to avoid possible attacks or data thefts this software allows us to mask our real IP address. Therefore we can browse the Internet without worrying about possible unlawful connections to our computer.

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