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If you're looking for a complete and well-designed tool to convert videos MeGUI is a great alternative. With this application you can also rip DVDs. Make your videos compatible with several different players. MeGUI behaves as a graphical user interface for dozens of specific tools to work with videos (such as AviSynth) and also includes its own utilities. Therefore it has become a perfect application to transcode video that will allow you to make your multimedia files compatible with different players. Some of MeGUI's tools To encode MPEG-4 ASP (XviD) and MPEG-4 AVC (x264) you can make use of the options included in MeGUI a software based on ISO MPEG-4. These are some of the utilities included: AVS Script Creator to creates AviSynth scripts with which we can carry out several actions such as embed subtitles change the size remove noise... Audio Cutter that allows us to edit audio strings without requiring to recode them. Bitrate Calculator MeGUI's essential and useful bitrate calculator. AutoEncode which allows us to configure video and audio encoding properties as well as to adjust the bitrate all from the same window. One Click Encoder the best tool to encode your DVDs as it allows you to automate this task. All in all MeGUI is a free video conversion program for Windows that will satisfy your needs.

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