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The multi-tab function available for browsers is very useful to be able to work with several pages open at the same time. This feature that was implemented quite a few years ago still isn't present in Windows Explorer that doesn't allow us to open different tabs in the same window. However we can resort to downloading Clover to add this function. Running like an extension we can switch folders within the same window as well as being able to add bookmarks. Features Keyboard shortcuts to open close and switch tabs. Integrated into Windows. Add routes by means of hotkeys or dragging the folder to the bookmark bar. Your Windows Explorer will behave just like your browser. Web browser developers aware of the fact that this tool has become almost essential have put lot of effort into improving the user's experience. That's why systems that make it more functional have been developed. This is the model that has inspired the functionality and design of Clover which is based on Google Chrome in particular. Improve how you manage your Windows operating system thanks to Clover.

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