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Education is starting to use the world of computers and its applications to its own benefit. Moodle is a development that has been designed for students. Or to state it properly for teachers or the people in charge of educational projects so that they can create appealing modular educational websites for this purpose. Create online efficient learning sites. Study hard Moodle is a “Course Management System” (CMS) which is also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). A teaching system that allows teachers to assess and examine students. Consider it a full learning platform where the entire student community converges: collaborative work content management virtual teaching... Features Ideal both for small groups and study centers as well as for big institutions with thousands of students. Use it as an online teaching center or as a support resource for classes. Different activity modules for the creation of rich collaborative communities: forums wikis databases email...). Although registering the application is voluntary it's possible to obtain some additional benefits by doing so. For example you'll be able to access detailed statics of how the platform is used. Furthermore Moodle is an open source program yet another point to its favor. Install Moodle on a web server whether your personal computer or a server provided by web hosting companies. Teaching also evolves Moodle is based on an alternative educational system to traditional channels. Forget about simply memorizing concepts: Moodle is developed as a teaching tool based on the skills and capacities of students who are really the people that have to build that knowledge. A tool based on constructive pedagogy and collaborative learning. If you're the person in charge of a center of this type Moodle is the application that you've always wanted.

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