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Those users without too many knowledge in image treatment may think that resizing a picture is as easy as stretching it from a corner or changing its size in any editor... The truth is that using that method can only lead us to a blurred and totally useless image. That's where Waifu2x can help us out. It's an algorithm capable of rescaling an image up to two times its size without pixellating the photo. It was created some time ago so that manga fans could have a tool that allowed them to view the drawings of their favorite volumes and series much larger without losing any quality. Resize drawings and photos without inserting noise As time has gone by this algorithm has become more and more popular and is now used in other areas although the truth is that it still works better on drawings than on photos. There's a web version that can be really useful if we need to quickly zoom into an image but it's limited to pictures of up to 3 MB and only a certain size. That's why we're better off installing and making the most of the version compiled for Windows called Waifu2x Caffe which we're offering you on this page. After installing it we only have to choose the file to be modified the output format modify the parameters of our choice and press the Start button to begin the process.

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