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Chromium is a browser that's constantly evolving. It's an open-source project developed by Google which set the foundations for Chrome and that provides its source code to anyone who may need it for their developments. For such purpose it's also multiplatform as it's compatible with all operating systems for desktop computers and phones such as: Windows. Linux. Mac. Android. As we mentioned above its code is open to the public. It's based on a system that manages windows with tabs more similar to an operating system than a browser at least for what we're used to seeing as a browser to access the Internet. In fact one of the projects that forked from Chromium was the operating system Chromium OS. Furthermore it's totally compatible with the extensions available in the Chrome Store. The main advantage of Chromium is that it's extremely lightweight and very respectful towards our privacy as we can access absolutely everything it does. Chromium is an open-source project. How to install Chromium? To be able to install it on our Mac we'll have to download the file and copy it to the applications folder as usual. From there on opening it doesn't involve any further problems. Its basic version is identical to Google Chome. In fact we can login to the browser just as we'd do on Chome to access our bookmarks and other data synchronized on the cloud. The main differences can't be seen at first glance as they happen behind the scenes. However we can guarantee that it's very different as it doesn't send any information to Google about our browsing experience without us knowing making it fully transparent and private.

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