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One of the best ways that we can organize our files and folders on our hard drive is by means of tagging them. Tagstoo is a program that can be used to tag elements that is much more flexible than any other program that you may have seen to the date. An eye-catching tagging system The main idea behind this program is that users shouldn't have to use boring software and for such purpose it allows us to customize the tags and offers us different colors and formats. How it works is based on the creation of databases that we can build from scratch if it's the first we're working with Tagstoo or import if we've already created them on our computer. It operates as Windows file manager but that has nothing to do with the operating system's native function. It comes along with the following features: Browse through the folder tree on your computer and assign tags to the latter and their contents. Create your own tags to quickly identify contents that you want to differentiate from others. Access a preview of multimedia files such as videos images or ePubs. Change the interface's color. Choose between different tag shapes. Copy and move elements between folders. Organize your files in a much more visual and eye-catching manner thanks to this open-soruce program that you can download and use for free on your PC without any limitations.

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