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Amongst the different tools offered by Nero we can find this audio editor that allows us to modify and polish off any sound recording without losing any quality. Nero WaveEditor lets us modify the file by cutting pasting modifying sections and adjusting different parameters. Nero WaveEditor vs Audacity: game on If you've always considered Audacity as the best sound editor you can't miss out on Nero's tool. Its design allows any user to carry out edits even if we have no experience in the field of track editing. These are its main features and functions: Add as many audios as you want. View the audio's waveform. Selection of audio sections. Support for drag & drop actions. Move audio fragments within the track. Export the edited sound to other formats such as WAV MP3 and WMA or keep it as a Nero project. Huge collection of filters and equalization tools. And as we mentioned above it offers us complete editing functions without losing any sound quality whatsoever.

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