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A car game? An action game? Probably both at the same time. Heavy Metal Machines is both a racing and a fighting game that also turns out to be multiplayer. With an aspect that will remind you of Mad Max due to its futuristic and apocalyptic scenarios it offers us frenetic motorized battles in which we'll have to fight on different arenas whilst driving our heavy metal machine. Choose your role within your team and fight with your car It comes along with some really eye-catching graphics and offers us a gameplay in which we can choose between three modes: Support: help other players to reach their victory. Transporter: take the bomb to its final destination preventing it from exploding. Interceptor: open the way for your team and attack your rivals. In other words you're going to be part of a team in which you'll play a role so all of you can reach the final victory. It offers us an attractive proposal regarding the rest of MOBA video games available since it brings together concepts that are as different as car games and fighting titles. And it does so with a frenetic pace and a format that can easily become a hit at eSports events.

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