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DIALux is a free tool to create professional 3D lighting projects used by many of the main manufacturers in this sector. You can design the lighting of all sorts of spaces. Created by planners for planners. Lighting professionals will find in DIALux everything they need to carry out their work. Virtually simulate spaces and view the results of your projects with photorealistic images. DIALux works with both natural and artificial lighting taking data from other CAD programs and importing the results to its interface. Features of DIALux Plan the interior and exterior lighting of entire buildings. Carry out real-time settings and view the results in a photorealistic manner. Updated data of manufacturers. View and assess the CAD results. Integrated raytracing module. Use light sources filters and colored materials. The only drawback of DIALux is its complexity. You can tell it isn't a program for beginners only interested in playing around you'll need certain technical knowledge and somewhat experience in the handling of CAD software to be able to make the most of this program. Start downloading DIALux for free and shed some light on your life.

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