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The use of a webcam during a chat conversation is more common each day but as time goes by only seeing the person that is on the other side of the connection can end up being somewhat monotonous moment where it is advisable to start using SplitCam. Apply all kinds of effects The first objective of SplitCam is to offer the user the possibility to apply all kinds of effect to the image offered during a video conference and chat conversations with images. Among the effects offered by SplitCam we can point out: Apply graphic effects to the video signal. Include a background that will make it look like you are somewhere else thus only capturing the person not what surrounds them. Use avatars. And many more. As well as the effects SplitCam also offers other options that can come in very handy to the users among which you will be able to find: Send a video file or image instead of the video signal. Use the video signal with more than one application at the same time. Apply zoom to the image. Use high definition (HD) image resolution. Therefore if you want to make your videoconferences and chat conversations more interesting you only have to download SplitCam.

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