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Bethesda has joined another two studios to bring us the newest Wolfenstein installment a much-awaited title amongst the gamer community. We're talking about Wolfenstein: Youngblood that takes us to a very realistic version of Paris but totally invaded and transformed by the Nazis. Bethesda surprises us once again with stunning graphics and the saga's renovated playability. The story advances almost 20 years to place us in the shoes of the twin daughters of the saga's usual main character B.J. Our mission is to find our missing father and kill all the Nazis we come across. Pretty simple and straightforward. Main features of the new Wolfenstein game It's a first-person action game with minor RPG elements which are new additions to this saga. We can play the role of any of the two twins Jess or Soph both with the same skills. The characters can improve their skills weapons and level as we make progress. It's a collaborative game. We can play solo with the game's artificial intelligence or with another online player. The Paris scenarios are huge and full of secrets to be unveiled. There are many different kinds of enemies more or less strong depending on their armors and whether they're cybernetic or not.

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