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EarthDesk is a curious application that substitutes your desktop wallpaper for satellite images that show a world map. You will be able to choose between various types of maps and see the evolution of the clouds the change from day to night. What's more you will be able to center the world map in the part of the world of your choice. With Earth Desk you will be able to know if a storm is coming and observe the night light of the cities. See the world from your computer Once you have EarthDesk installed your desktop wallpaper will become a satellite photograph in high resolution of all the planet. You can choose between various types of images: political maps with satellite images or with natural color. You can also zoom to the area of the planet that you want for example to your city. EarthDesk will show the clouds that are distributed around the planet in such a way that you can know if a storm is approaching or on the contrary it will be sunny. What's more you can configure the frequency with which it will update the images in such a way that every 2 minutes for example you will have an update satellite image.

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