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Intelligence games that force us to pay special attention and think have always been a good resource to spend our free time. Logyx Pack now offers us the possibility to enjoy a collection of 115 different logic games to avoid boredom. Braintraining from Windows All the games are built into the same interface. You'll have puzzles chess Sudoku ... All the games that have something to do with mental ability have some kind of representation in this pack so start gaining some extra mental agility by overcoming each challenge. A huge collection of logic games under the same interface. Some of the games included are Puzz Hopper Yam Yam Tetix Nam Chess Jumper Maze RotSix Choy Micro Master Mind... The full list is lengthy and you will probably take a few days to be able to try all of them. Completing them will be up to you. Discover your own potential thanks to this collection of games. Complete the vast amount of existing levels without having to resort to any kind of help and exercise your thinking and logic capacity thanks to Logyx Pack.

Logyx Pack For Windows Download

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