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dupeGuru is a simple application with which you will be able to find all the files that are duplicated on your computer and then easily eliminate them. As a computer is used the hard drive ends up filling up with duplicate files that are worthless and that occupy valuable space on the hard drive. If you had to find them manually it would be practically impossible. That is why dupeGuru makes the task easier for you. Manage to free space on your hard drive removing duplicates To start using dupeGuru you will only have to choose the folders that you want to analyze. Once selected the application will start to analyze them and will find all the coincidences. In one window it will show the name of the duplicate files the coincidence percentage where they are and their size. From there onwards you will only have to select those files that you want to delete and send them to the recycling bin. dupeGuru will only eliminate from the system the files that can be removed and won't affect files that are important for the computer's functioning. Once the analysis is over you will be able to save the results to check them whenever you want.

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