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This tool is capable of carrying out conversions between fonts and it even supports batch conversion to convert hundreds at the same time. Now as well as being able to convert PostScript and TrueType it can also convert the new OpenType format with Unicode codification which allows it to be compatible with Adobe products Microsoft Office and iWork. Convert the format of your fonts TransType has basically been developed to convert fonts that belong to the Mac operating system to Windows and vice-versa thus if you're a user of both platforms this tool is a perfect solution to avoid incompatibilities. Among the formats that it is capable of importing you will find FontLab VFB Win Type 1 or Win TrueType / OpenType TT among others. As export formats you will have Win Type 1 Win TrueType Mac Type 1 Mac TrueType suitcase Mac TrueType dfont** PC Multiple Master and Mac Multiple Master. Are you a user of both platforms and you have compatibility problems with the fonts? Try out TransType and make sure that your fonts are compatible with Windows and Mac.

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