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As time goes by it is rather common to accumulate a large number of files on a computer's hard drive and in many cases the users don't know which files are occupying a large part of the available space but that will no longer be a problem thanks to DiskSavvy. Release space on your hard drive With this light application it is possible to analyze all the contents of your hard drive or only the part that you are interested in analyzing once it has carried out the process DiskSavvy shows the results as a list of the folders ordered by the percentage that they occupy with the possibility to access each folder to see detailed data about each of them. As well as being able to show the results as lists this application also offers the possibility to show them as charts something that may make things a lot easier for many people because they will be able to see the data more clearly. On the other hand DiskSavvy also allows you to analyze external hard drives and storage spaces on a network whether internal or external. Therefore if you want to know what files and folders are occupying the biggest part of the used space of your hard drive download and install DiskSavvy it is free.

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