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Nvidia Profile Inspector For Windows Reviews

Thanks to this tool you can control the overclocking of an Nvidia graphics card and prevent it from working deficiently such as when the fan speeds up or the core's speed or frequency fluctuate. With Nvidia Profile Inspector you'll receive complete real-time information about your GPU being able to control it whilst you play a video game or use any other demanding application. Main features These are the main functions that you'll find in this tool: A lightweight application that takes hardly any time at all to be installed. User-friendly graphical interface. Receive detailed information about your graphics card and all the control configuration. Set a speed for your fan as well as a GPU frequency that meets your needs. Control all sorts of aspects about the functioning of your video card. Create backups of your settings and restore them whenever you need to take them from one device to another or recover them on your primary computer.

Nvidia Profile Inspector For Windows Download

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