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When it comes to reducing the size or the quality of an image with the purpose of using it on a website or to make it a lot easier to share it is necessary to take into account its final quality because we may be sacrificing too much definition for every kilobyte that we gain. To do so we can make use of RIOT. Reduce the size of your images without losing quality RIOT also known as Radical Image Optimization Tool is a simple tool with which we can lower the quality and reduce the size of any photo using various algorithms applying color and hue changes and eliminating the metadata from each file. The program accepts images in JPG BMP GIF PNG TIFF PSD PPM ICO HDR and WBMP format and is capable of exporting the resulting files like JPG GIF and PNG. The interface is very simple and very practical because it makes use of the WYSIWYG technology so that at all times it will show us the original image and the result of the changes that we are applying in real-time. If you want to reduce the size and the quality of an image file but you want to view the changes as you perform them download RIOT.

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