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At this stage you'll probably think it's quite obvious that any computer or smartphone's operating system starts becoming sluggish after using it for quite some time. You know: junk files temporary files and other similar useless files that gradually build up. And this also happens on iPhone and iPad but you can get hold of an application that helps you to clean iOS and improve its performance. Better than a CCleaner for iPhone? Maybe PhoneClean allows you to carry out all these operations from your Mac's desktop so that you don't have to install yet another app on your smartphone. Furthermore it also offers you a simple and intuitive system to carry out all cleaning and optimization actions: Silent and fast cleaning process. Remove Internet browsing traces and history. Toolbox. Restore backups. An iPhone that works at full throttle. This program allows you to have a fast and stable smartphone starting off from its storage: wave goodbye to hidden cache on iOS damaged files or temporary files. For such purpose it comes along with a smart system to detect junk files based on the iOS version and the type of device it's running on. One of the greatest advantages of this app has to do with a major aspect of concern: privacy. Keeping our data safe is one of the priorities of this tool that despite scanning our entire device keeps out of the way of any personal information such as messages or calls. What devices is it compatible with? The most recent versions 4.x. include compatibility with all iOS versions including iOS 10. Therefore any iPhone iPad or iPod touch you wish to clean with this iPhone cleaner will be as good as new once you've finished.

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