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Radiotracker is a real advance in what regards to software related with radio broadcasts on the Internet because not only does it allow us to find new songs by listening to each station it's also possible to record the music that we listen to directly in MP3 on our computer. Download music for free legally The application also allows us to search through different free music distribution websites from which we can legally download music or take a look at several podcast sources that can surely be used to find music that is related to what we like. The program's interface that can be customized by means of skins is really simple it has a series of very intuitive controls suitable for any user because it's only necessary to filter the options that the application shows us choose the radio station and press the record button. A source for free legal music that you cand download without getting into trouble. If you want to discover new songs and have them legally one of the best options available is definitely this program.

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