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VirusKeeper is an antivirus protection against malicious attacks from viruses spyware trojans... Furthermore it protects you while you browse the Internet using Internet Explorer indicating the websites or contents that may damage your computer and therefore avoiding the cumbersome toolbars that have to be added to the browser for this purpose as well as getting rid of pop-up windows. Protection against viruses and malware This application has different protection levels in programs registry files ports and system files. VirusKeeper uses a powerful internal analysis engine in real-time to detect strange behaviors in the programs that are running providing detailed information to the user. Its simple interface is very nice. From the main window you will be able to access the different functions of the software by means of tabs. It is also possible to place malicious and suspicious elements in quarantine and the application has a graphic bar that shows the protection level. If you're looking for improved security for Windows VirusKeepers is a complete solution.

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