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Recording everything that happens on your computer screen can be really easy if you use the right application and the latter could well be Screencast-O-Matic. It's a tool to record on video and later edit the result for all sorts of purposes. Record everything that happens on your monitor This program can be used for many different purposes as we can use it to record video tutorials for YouTube to create educational projects for our work environment... Regardless of how you use it you'll soon realize that it's a very simple and intuitive piece of software. The workflow of this screencast program that could well be an alternative to Camtasia has three differentiated stages: Record a screencast: it comes along with a simple screen recorder with intuitive controls. It's fast and easy to use allowing us to record everything we see on our monitor adding the webcam and narration through the microphone. Edit your videos: once you've recorded your video you can edit to add zoom effects text images... Share your work: the program incorporates simple tools to share and manage your videos being able to upload them to the cloud or share them with your teammates. If you need to record tutorials or videos to show how to do something don't hesitate to download Screencast-O-Matic for PC right now.

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