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If you think your video card isn't working as it should or you want to test it to know how it will perform with that video game you intend to purchase you can try downloading FurMark. It's a lightweight piece of benchmarking software with which you check the performance of your PC's inbuilt graphics card. Test the performance of your PC's video card It's an open-source program that can measure with great accuracy the performance of your graphics card using different Fur rendering algorithms. This kind of rendering is designed to overheat our GPU and check its stability as a stress test tool also known as a GPU burner. Amongst the benchmarking functions available there are quite a few options that allow us to select the kind of rendering to be used. Furthermore it also offers us the following features: Check the functioning stability in high-performance situations. Monitor the GPU temperature and save it in a log file. Possibility to run each test mode on a full screen or in a window. Receive the information in time or frames. Make sure your graphics card is working correctly and don't be afraid of putting it through any demanding process that you may want to run on your computer.

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