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The different systems and methods to block a PC can be very useful when it comes to maintaining the contents hidden from prying eyes. There are various blocking methods that you'll now be able to expand with XUS PC Lock and its functions. This utility allows you to create your own blocking pattern by defining different movements. Once you have done so you'll have to put it into practice each time that you use the computer which you'll be able to totally block. You can define the aspect of the blocking screen using your favorite images or using the different configuration options to adjust how it works. Assign how the computer is blocked when Windows is loaded or when it is inactive for a certain amount of time or create an alarm that will activate when someone tries to type in the password incorrectly a certain amount of times. Protect the access to your PC with a free utility like XUS PC Lock. You can block your computer and make it inaccessible thanks to this software to control the access to your PC.

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