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Sysinternals Suite is the best compilation on the market that integrates utilities for Windows operating systems. These applications allow you to check the good working of the computer and what's more optimize its performance. All the essential utilities for Windows users. This suite has the latest versions of more than 90 small applications gathered in a practical compressed file from which you will be able to access the application that you are interested in without having to download them one by one. Among the utilities we'll find file managers process managers file monitors net connection managers utilities to zoom the screen ... All the programs included in Sysinternals Suite Here is the list of tools it includes in alphabetical order: AccessChk AccessEnum AdExplorer AdRestore Autologon Autoruns BgInfo CacheSet ClockRes Contig Coreinfo Ctrl2Cap DebugView Desktops DiskExt DiskMon DiskView Disk Usage (DU) EFSDump FileMon Handle Hex2dec Junction LDMDump ListDLLs LiveKd LoadOrder LogonSessions NewSid NTFSInfo PageDefrag PendMoves PipeList PortMon ProcDump ProcessExplorer Process Monitor ProcFeatures PsExec PsFile PsGetSid PsInfo PsKill PsList PsLoggedOn PsLogList PsPasswd PsService PsShutdown PsSuspend RegDelNull RegJump RegMon RootkitRevealer SDelete ShareEnum ShellRunas SigCheck Streams Strings Sync TCPView VMMap VolumeID WhoIs WinObj ZoomIt

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