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How long does it take your computer to boot? You can find out thanks to BootRacer an application that's capable of timing how long a Windows PC needs to start up a tool that we can use use to optimize our computer's performance. From the moment you turn on your PC until the computer is ready to be used. That's exactly what this program measures excluding the time that the user spends on typing in his password. Why should I time my computer? The raison d'être of this tool can be found in stats that indicate that every Windows user spends an average of 13 minutes each day waiting for his system to respond which adds up to 3 days at the end of the year. Forget about all that stress of waiting for your computer to work. A countdown With BootRacer you can reduce your anxiety with a stopwatch that indicates exactly how much time there's left for the system to give us an answer. It also comes along with the following features: Boot time detection. Subtraction of the time spent by the user to type in his password. Automatic measuring. Incident log. Comparison of results. World boot championship (seriously).

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