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If you need to turn a disc image in IMG or ISO format into a bootable operating system from an SD card or USB driver you need to get hold of a program of the likes of Etcher. It offers us a simple and fast system that works in just three steps. Mount operating systems of flash memories From its graphical interface we simply have to complete three easy steps to convert any disc image into a bootable operating system: Step 1: select the image in ISO or IMG format. Step 2: choose the destination unit and wait for it to be recognized by the system. Step 3: click on the Flash version to start the conversion. Thanks to this program we can mount on a USB stick a Linux distribution for instance or any other operating system offered as an image. Regarding other systems in its favor we have to say that it offers us a much more functional user-friendly than the majority of alternatives. By the way it's also available for Mac and Linux.

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