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Raspberry Pi has different applications and one of them is the one offered by RetroPie. It's an operating system based on Raspbian that allows us to turn our Raspberry into a retro video game system emulator. Bring back your game from yesteryear What we're offering you here is a disc image so that you can mount it on your Raspberry and get hold of an interface from which you can run different emulators. Although the majority of them work on the first version of Raspberry Pi some others such as those for Nintendo 64 or the original PlayStation only run on version two and three. We can emulate almost 30 video consoles and it's also compatible with different gamepads without needing to install any other software. Thus if you've got your Xbox 360 or PS3 gamepads you can use them without any kind of trouble. We can find the following video consoles and old computers amongst the software's compatible hardware: Atari 2600. Game Boy. Game Gear de Sega. NeoGeo. NES. Super NES. Master System. Mega Drive. Amstrad. Spectrum. Turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro video game machine thanks to this RetroPie.

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