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Minecraft is definitely one of the most successful games as of lately there's no doubt about it. This sandbox game that combines concepts such as adventures and construction started off as an indie game and ended up being purchased by Microsoft for 2 billion dollars. We don't know if it will have the same fate but Hello Neighbor is also off to a brilliant start. This stealth horror game is receiving excellent criticism and you've only got to read the opinions of its users that are downloading it massively for PC and are desperately searching for versions for PS4 Android (Hello Dog of Neighbor isn't good enough) or iPhone. The Minecraft mod based on Hello Neighbor But in the meantime we can combine both games into one because that's precisely what this NeighborCraft Mod allows us to do a Minecraft mod with which you can add elements that appear in Hello Neighbor. The mod is developed by the same guys behind other mods and libraries for Mojang's video game. The mod which can be downloaded for free characterizes some of the game's elements. For instance you can add binoculars a hammer a rifle the famous red key (as well as a blue one and a golden one) or a magnet to your character... In fact you can even turn your character into the neighbor or his shadow. Pixelate your horrible neighbor and make him craft. Some blocks also acquire shapes from this game so you might even end up building the house of your terrifying neighbor within this huge open world. About how it works and how to install it it's quite obvious that you'll need to get hold of the full version of Minecraft. In turn you'll also need a mod loader of the likes of Minecraft Forge and CubicCore libraries.

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