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One of the many interesting functions offered by macOS allows us to check at a simple glance the properties of any file. And that's the function that QuickLook adds to Windows as whilst running in the background it allows us to take a quick look at any of them by just pressing the space bar. Take a quick look at any file on your computer Thanks to this tool we can see what kind of file it is and even apply any action native to Windows. Thus if we apply the action to an image file for instance we'll obtain data about it and open it with the default picture viewer. We can also share it with other applications if we've got others that can also work with photos and carry out actions on some of them (turn up and down the volume in the case of video and music files or zoom in and out on documents). This program which runs in the background as we mentioned above can be configured to make it run each time the operating system is rebooted.

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