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OpenShot Video Editor For Windows Reviews

If you want to get hold of a powerful video editor that offers you a wide range of options and functions to unleash your creativity when it comes to enhancing images you can resort to OpenShot Video Editor which is also an open-source so you can download it and use it for free. An easy-to-use and free video editor This video editor for Windows offers us different tools with which we can create all sorts movies adding subtitles transitions and effects being able to export the final result into different formats such as DVD YouTube Xbox or Vimeo. These are the main features of this program: Add audio video or static images by dragging and dropping onto the editing panel. Add as many layers as you need thanks to its unlimited tracks. Label your videos with the editor. Crop and split any video. Apply all sorts of video effects. Create 3D animations for titles and effects such as snow optical reflections or floating texts. View the waveform of the audio files. Generate time and slow motion effects. And all the latter in over 70 different languages and by means of a very simple user interface.

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