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The Windows 10 sound control application could do with an overhaul as it only allows us to control the operating system's sound as a whole. But we might want to configure the system notifications at a certain volume and the music from YouTube or Spotify at another. Centralized volume control for Windows apps EarTrumpet offers us the possibility to control not only the global volume of our computer but also application by application from a single control point. Thanks to the latter we can adjust individually the programs that can access our PC's sound system so that we can modify the volume of each one of them however we want. Furthermore it also offers us a shortcut to our operating system's sound settings. Some users have rated this app as the tool that Windows should incorporate natively. And that's quite true because it's tremendously useful since it's also compatible with Spotify Skype local audio players video players... A must-have app for Windows 10 if you need greater control over your computer's sound system.

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