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There are all sorts of applications on the current market but few of them will surprise you as much as Scratch a program developed by The Lifelong Kindergarten research group at the University of Massachusetts in the USA. Simple system to create interactive stories This program that can even be used by children offers us the possibility to create all kinds of interactive stories with the use of a set of very simple commands that are placed one on top of the other in the center of the interface. Thus with Scratch you can decide what is going to happen depending on the key that the user touches or depending on an action you'll also have the chance to decide when a sound has to be played and for how long or when the image that appears on the screen changes to name a few examples. Perfect to unleash the creativity of the youngest members of the household. On the other hand all these possibilities and commands also offer the option to create simple games listen to music and view artistic creations. These and many other reasons make it a program that shouldn't be missing from any computer specially in those houses where there are children.

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